Store Locator—Are You On the Map Yet?

phone-cropSometimes, it takes one simple tweak to your organization’s website to improve business drastically. Before you start searching for what you think may be the key, I’ll let you in on the secret ingredient: Google.

Google can help your business’ website in several ways. One solution in particular, Store Locator, can offer a familiar platform for your customers to find you and your products easily.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a situation where you wanted to buy something, tried to find where the company sold it, couldn’t, and then gave up and moved on to the next thing. I know I have, and it’s frustrating. In that situation, that business lost a customer.

Implementing Store Locator is an easy fix that will keep your shoppers satisfied—taking their business from browser to physical location. Google Maps offers a reliable, trusted and credible source of location information that you can control. According to the 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report reported from comScore, Google Maps is the fourth most used app in the U.S. behind huge names Facebook, Messenger and YouTube. Its user base is immense, making it a familiar tool understood by millions of people.

People recognize Google Maps. When other brands have tried to imitate Google’s perfect balance of complexity and simplicity, they’ve fallen short. We don’t think it’s worth risking the unknown when attempting to convert shoppers to customers. The power of Google (and its brand name) fueling your Store Locator tool adds authenticity to your brand, too.

A Major Purchase Shopper study found 81 percent of consumers go online to make a decision before stepping foot into a store. We can help you make sure these consumers get a good impression of your company when they see you, before seeing you.

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