Where is POWER Fitness Events?

POWER Fitness Events is Physical fitness program business in 44 7789 207514.

Company POWER Fitness Events
Address 44 7789 207514
Category Physical fitness program
About POWER is an immersive group ride experience: connecting people and transforming mental and physical fitness, from the bike.
Every ride ignites connection, encourages vulnerability and achieves lasting mind and body transformation.

POWER Online: ‘No bike required’. Ride anywhere in the world, live via Zoom. I ride my spinning and coach, alongside a carefully-chosen ride soundtrack. Riders run, walk, dance, cycle, row, kayak, simply ‘RIDE’, together.

POWER-To-You: delivering spinning bikes, wireless headphones and bananas to workplaces, festivals and community spaces.

POWER in The Garage: a physical ride location, based in Chichester, UK.

POWER Zed: Generation Zed riders 4 10 plus, ride in the Garage.

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